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Online Website Builder with Easy Editor
You are here: Home is presenting you a CMS, a system for managing content and creating web sites on-line.

This CMS is a convenient and useful tool for managing your website content. You will be able to create your site in no time. You will be able to make modifications immediately and keep your data exact and corrected no matter where you are: at home, at your workplace or having rest. All you need is a computer connected to the Internet.  You have secure access by User and Password. It is a 'Do It Yourself' system to build and edit your own Website!

The main advantage is its ability to allow even technically untrained users to manage the content of their web sites. It is designed for web-site owners and IT companies of any size. It is able to do operations in the content management, such as building, editing, publishing and presentation of your data to the end user.

Real benefits! Increase your Sales, Order and Client Base!

  • Ad pages to the site and insert your own content;
  • Support for Audios, Videos, Pictures, Documents and Articles; See Left Menu;
  • Ad unlimited links to your Website;
  • Shopping Cart included! You may sell products online with PayPal support;
  • Design your own site; You can change the look of the Website;
  • Use the WYSIWYG editor (what you see is what you get)
  • Technical Support is included direct to Developer via the Admin Panel;
  • Automation and flexibility of the publishing process;
  • Show Clients your offerings and convert them to customers;
  • Possibility of managing large scopes of information (images, test, files etc.);
  • You are licensed for the life of your Domain;
  • More effective way of publishing and editing of printed data in the Internet;
  • Increasing efficiency of your personnel labour several times;
  • Possibility of editing the content from anywhere using the Internet;
  • Usability. No knowledge of programming languages or even HTML is required.

This website is Low Cost and a Huge Saving! Running Costs are:

  • Domain Name is $25 for 2 years.

  • $149 a year for the hosting for your website.

  • Setup Cost for this Website is a once only fee at $850 including gst.

Note: We also include some additional Advertising for your Website once you complete it. We try to offer a full service. You will receive this Website, and a lot more!

Domain Name Ordering

Go to and register a Domain Name. Try to register one that is easy to remember and matched to your business. If you already have a Domain Name registered, then you do not need to register a new one. We can use your existing Domain Name. You may ring us about this procedure. Dont worry. We will contact you in any case.

How to Order Online

You may order and pay online using PayPal secured payments. Cost for the Website is $850 inc gst. You will need to order the Hosting as well. It is only $149 for 12 months. You will then be able to enter your own content such as Pictures and Wording etc ... Note that there is technical support inside your Admin Panel for your piece of mind!

Total Cost is $999 and that includes the Website and Hosting for 12 months. You will need your own Domain Name and that costs only $25 for 2 years. Order via the Link Above at

Click Here to place your order by PayPal. We will contact you as soon as possible when the order arrives.

Setup normally takes less than one week. Questions: Phone Renato on 1300-530-995

You will receive an email from us when its finished with your user name and password to the Website.

Additional Services Offered and Other Website Systems

We provide all sorts of websites to suit your needs. If is not suitable, then please contact us for further options. We can tailor something to match your criteria. We can do all types of Websites. If you want something really different, then we can offer you all of these Website types including:

  • Shopping Carts that can sell anything. They can handle the entire sale including the deposit of the funds to your Account

  • Multimedia Websites

  • Information Sites that are photo orientated for Trades Services

  • Websites that you can update yourself

  • Flash Multimedia Websites

  • Domain Name Registration

  • Hosting using either offshore or Australian based Servers depending on your needs

  • Setting up Email addresses to your Domain Name

  • Multiple Domains that point to the one Website

  • Low Cost Advertising Systems

  • FREE Websites that are commercial in nature (You need to host with us)

  • DVD Duplication

  • Website Rental Systems

  • Telemarketing Services to Advertise Your Business 

Click Here to view our Telemarketing Operation and its Services

Website Designs CMS Build It Yourself or CMS Based

We have a Huge Range of Stunning Website Designs and they can all be edited by you with a Lifetime License and Unlimited Use!

All of these Flash Designs are Google Search Engine Friendly!

Making Money Online with your own eCommerce Website

The Website has a Shopping Cart inbuilt, and its ideal for many Clients who wish to sell online. However if you want a much larger, and professional Shopping Cart Website, then we have it available. It is a dedicated 'Shopping Cart' style of Website. A Shopping Cart Website has many benefits to you including:

  • Home Based Business Opportunity

  • Low Cost and Low Risk Startup into eCommerce

  • Ideal for Shops and Retail Outlets

  • Choose Your Own Hours and Effort

  • Start it Part Time and allow it to Grow

  • Promote or Sell Anything

  • Millions of Products Available

  • Works 24/7/365 days a year

  • Australia or Worldwide Access by Clients

  • We setup Fast and Low Cost Maintenance

  • Change Appearance of Your Store

  • Use the 'Cart Designer' to create your own look!

  • Bargain only $990 inc GST

  • Group Discount for 3 Sites

  • It processes the entire Sale and Deposits the money!

DEMO Website setup as an 'Electronics Store' but note that it can be totally changed;

You may use the Online Order system from the Main Menu

What to Sell Online for Profits and Income

Many clients wonder what products they should offer on their Shopping Cart Website. This is a broad question, but here are some suggestions.

  • Sell any sort of product that you know well

  • Try to 'fill a need' and sell something that people want to buy

  • Locate a good supplier either in Australia or Overseas

  • Try this: Type 'Chinese Wholesalers' into Google

  • Also if you can, sell something that will not give you any warranty issues after the sale

  • Make sure that you keep in touch with your Customers

  • The Website Shopping Cart keeps records of all Customers, so every now and again, send out a Newsletter (that is inbuilt)

  • Offer incentives and discounts to your existing Customers

The object is to get it very cheaply and resell it on your Shopping Cart Website at higher margins. Sometimes you can double, triple, or even quadruple your money!

It is a terrific idea to run a little trial. After you setup your Website Shopping Cart, then try a couple of different products, and see what works better.

Looking for Free Advertising Ideas? We can offer some ideas once you become our Client.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me about Website Designs.

Visit some of our Portfolio Websites to see what can do to assist you. Here are some links:

Questions: Phone Renato on 1300-530-995

Thanks for your interest in our products and services.


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